Why Choose Vintage Or Personalised Wedding Jewellery

You can sometimes spend months agonising over what style of dress to choose for your wedding and, what with the rest of the planning that goes into organising your wedding, it is not uncommon for your wedding jewellery to be a last moment decision. Yes, you can dash into a jewellers and pick something from the counter, but with a little forethought you can choose jewellery that is more unique and special to you. Something that you can cherish forever.

Wearing jewellery, and indeed exchanging jewellery between bride and groom, is a custom that goes back for centuries with the only difference being that styles and materials change according to latest trends and personal preferences. Vintage jewellery is growing in popularity and also serves as a great way of utilising “something old, something borrowed”. A great favourite for girls choosing vintage is pearls. Not only are they timeless but they can also be worn for lots of other occasions after the wedding. Beautiful, old diamond encrusted brooches can be transformed into stunning necklaces or chokers or even put into a headdress, whilst vintage combs and headbands are also very popular. Another fashion which again is timeless, and has been worn by brides for many years, is pieces of jewellery fashioned from flowers, feather and tulle. Handmade silk flowers worn as a headband, or feather fascinators with rhinestone detailing, all look very pretty and will be unique to you. Whether your hair is up or down, the addition of a stunning vintage hair clip will transform you from everyday into bride.

With the ever-growing use of the internet for shopping, many brides are now turning to virtual stores to buy custom-made wedding jewellery for their special day. With so many different designs, shapes, colours and materials, a bride can have something made to her exact requirements without even leaving her house. There are many web-based configurations that allow you to sketch a preliminary design on the internet to give a designer some idea of what you are looking for and this interaction between bride and designer, results in a beautiful piece of jewellery that is truly unique.

There is a growing trend for the traditional wide yellow gold wedding band to be replaced with a narrower, feminine and often quite intricate design. A popular combination of materials is platinum and rose gold which together look simply stunning.

Of course, it may be that you have a family heirloom such as a necklace that you would like to wear and so you could get a designer to make you some earrings to match, or perhaps a bracelet. This embraces the idea of sharing the joy of the day through a family piece and also adds romance by carrying on a love story through the generations.

Making your choice of jewellery with such a diverse range makes it much easier to obtain exactly what you are looking for. Your choice is made easier once you have an idea of the style of dress and the overall theme of your wedding, and of course your budget. You can have fun and get lots of inspiration by doing a little research and, by refining what you need and defining what you want, you’re sure to get the perfect wedding jewellery for you.